Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Bliss Experiment

Has anyone ever told you that your dog acts totally depressed when you leave? I get that all the time. In fact, friends say that Bliss just lays by the door when I'm gone, as if her life has ended.

I have known about her pathetic behavior when I'm not there for some time now but never really believed it. I mean she's got such a strong personality around me that its hard to believe she has the capacity to turn into a mild dog. Unlike other dogs who reportedly tear the house apart when their owner is not supervising, Bliss literally goes catatonic; she doesn't even bother to bark at the gardener unless I'm home. When I am there, she absolutely barks at him like a mad dog. She also goes crazy if anyone comes to the front door. So imagine my surprise when a friend of mine did a little undercover video called "The Bliss Experiment."

He began the experiment while I was home working at my computer and the gardener came. My friend set up his video camera to document how crazy Bliss gets...and she did go absolutely insane, as usual. Then he set up the camera in the same exact location the next time the gardener came (I wasn't there) and Bliss did not even get off the couch! Just to drive the point home, he did the same experiment by knocking on the front door. Sure enough, when I'm there she can't bark loud enough, but when I'm not there, she's quiet as a mouse.

Here's the official "Bliss Experiment" video: I'm interested in learning if your dog exhibits the same behavior. I always hear about the wild ones who rip up the house but never about the poor canines who grieve when their owner is gone, even if they leave only to get the mail. Curious to hear back from you!