Thursday, December 5, 2013

The most outrageous holiday gifts for dogs

I'll admit it...I am one of those crazy pet guardians who will do anything for their pooch. Bliss has an entire wardrobe of clothes she wears to visit the children at County USC Medical Center. I take her on at least 3 walks a day. I have made arrangements to work form home so I can be with her. I take her everywhere I go.

Now I'm not rich by any stretch of the imagination so the story I saw about merchants stocking pet products for the super wealthy has me feeling green with envy. 

First off, a pet bowl from Versace Barocco for $754. Imagine Bliss dining from that bowl. On second thought, I don't think she cares much about what type of bowl I use. She would even eat her meals off the floor, if she had to. But it does include free shipping. 

Next, a Louis XV pet pavilion and doghouse complete with spa and plasma and TV for the bargain price of $410,825? If I had that amount of cash, I would just buy my own house complete with spa that we both could use it!

What about the $3.2 million diamond-encrusted dog collar designed by a jeweler in Los Angeles? Diamonds are my best friend's best friend. Bliss would look amazing pairing the diamond collar with the $4.2 million dog tiara. For now, she'll have to be happy with the tiara I got her at the Dollar Tree and one of her many collars

I will say this...Bliss would definitely NOT wear the Mink Fur coat that runs for $725. Maybe the makers of this item didn't realize that dogs already have beautiful coats. Besides, I am not in favor of wearing real fur.

I am pretty sure Bliss would appreciate the 22k gold-thread pet mattress that costs $3,000. I will admit that I did drop a few hundred dollars on a beautiful bed for her from Urban Bone. It doesn't have the gold or diamonds but is decorated with shiny Swarovski crystals. And her bed is filled with comfy memory foam!

What's the most outrageous thing you've bought your pet?

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  1. Oh my gosh! We can't imagine spending that much for those items (though they are all certainly beautiful-besides the mink coat). Such extravagant items. We are pretty simple and easy to please :)