Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Finally, An Alternative To The E-Collar!!!!

I don't know about you but whenever either of my dogs need to be protected from scratching and licking a wound,  or are recovering from surgery, the drama is overwhelming. I had my boy Parker fixed last year and literally tried every collar on the market. Being a smart Australian Shepherd, Parker figured out how to get out of each one. Had I known about the Cover Me by Tui, my life would have been much more pleasant for those ten days of recovery. 

Cover Me by Tui is the most comfortable and effective alternative to the E-Collar. The post-surgical pet garment comes in a range of colors, options and sizes to fit any dog’s needs. A perfect alternative to the “Lamp Shade” style Elizabethan Collars that cause your pet to be uncomfortable, the garment also acts in a calming way to keep your pet from licking or chewing. 

"Working in a veterinary clinic for years, i was continually asked by clients what could be used in place of an e-collar, and i would recommend they go to a local retail store to get  onesie for infants," explains Stephanie Syberg, creator of the Cover Me by Tui. "Unfortunately, if their pet was larger than a Chihuahua I didn't have an answer, so I started developing the concept."

This brilliant new product prevents licking and chewing at surgical sutures and hot spots; is adjustable and comes in seven sizes with your choice of short or long sleeves; is made of soft, breathable, machine washable cotton; includes a built-in "Potty Cover" for quick and convenient trips outside; and comes in two styles: the Step Into and the Pullover.
The cost runs anywhere from $10.98 to $39.95, depending on size and style. For more information and to order online, please visit their website.

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  1. Those are so cute and practical-we'll definitely be getting them eventually!