Thursday, September 7, 2017

Bliss and Seven Give Two Paws Up For The Petzi Treat Cam

Keep your fur babies busy with Petzi Treat Cam

When we were recently asked to review the Petzi Treat Cam, we could not have imagined the fun that was in store for us. I’m just not sure which one of us is having the most fun; Bliss Seven or myself!
Bliss and Seven are my two busy Australian Shepherds. Even at 12-years of age, Bliss still has a lot of energy. She also loves treats. When she figured out that the ingenious Petzi Treat Cam is actually a treat dispenser, she couldn’t believe her luck. Meanwhile, it took no time at all for my year old pup Seven to figure it out. The ingenious device keeps him entertained and out of trouble!

The device is extremely easy to use. All you do is take it out of the box, hang it on a wall at your pet’s eye level and download the Petzi Treat Cam app on your smartphone or tablet. As soon as you fill the box with treats (I am using Charlie Bears which work great and are only 3 calories each), you can let the fun begin!
Sit Back and Watch The Fun!
Besides dispensing treats, the Petzi Cam enables you to see and speak to your pets in real time with the push of a button, snap pictures of them waiting for the treats to fly out, and post your funny pictures to the Petzi social platform and on your social media pages. This is particularly fun when you are away from home as you can call your pet to the cam and make their day by dispensing treats!
When I first set up my Petzi Treat Cam, I sat on my favorite living room chair and played with my dogs by pushing a button. I watched their faces in front of the camera waiting for the sound that signals treats are about to be dispensed. As soon as the treats flew out, I saw them scramble for the goodies!
See. Speak. Snap. Treat.
The free app is simple to use. It appears on your smart device as a cute little blue dragon Petzi icon that you simply tap to be connected to the Petzi network. From there, dog and cat guardians just push a button to select a camera that enables you to see your pets, a button that allow you to speak to your pets, (another button plays a sound to signal a treat is about to be released), a button that snaps their pics and the holy grail: a button that dispenses treats for them.
Excellent Customer Service
Being technically challenged, I had to call customer service to help get connected to my Internet. Turns out the problem was on my end. I had unplugged a cord which was needed to connect to the internet. They helped me figure that out!.
All I had to do was call the support line, and within minutes, we were connected and having fun! When all is said and done, I’m not sure who is having the most fun with the Petzi Treat Cam, Bliss, Seven or me!!!
Product and company information: Founded in 2013 and based in San Jose, Calif., Petzi is an up-and-coming leader in technology designed to bring people and pets closer together. The Treat Cam retails for $169.99.

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